On the stratigraphic status of the Matanomadh formation, Kutch, India


  • R.K. Saxena Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, 53, University Road, Lucknow 226007, India




The present paper deals with the litho-, bio- and chronostratigraphic status of the Matanomadh Formation, Kutch, India. Lithostratigraphically, this unit is given a formation status on the basis of its lithological peculiarities and mappability.

The study of the Matanomadh palynoflora provides sufficient data for establishing its biostratigraphic status. Four biozones have thus been recognized, viz., (i) basal-Barren Zone (ii) lower Dandotiaspora dilata Cenozone (iii) middle-Couperipollis brevispinosus Cenozone and (iv) upper Sponge Zone. The Barren Zone is equivalent to the Laterite Member while rest three zones correspond to the Clastic Member.

On the basis of the palynofossils recovered, the age of the Matanomadh Formation has been determined as Palaeocene. Since the Matanomadh sequence represents a specific time interval, i.e. Palaeocene Epoch, the chronostratigraphic status of this unit has been evaluated as series, i.e. Madh Series.


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